Working Tax Credits - Changes in your Circumstances

If your circumstances change, you will need to contact the Working Tax Credit Office as soon as possible, as this could affect the amount of money being paid to you. Change of circumstances include:

  • You leave work, or the number of hours you work reduces below the minimum number of hours per week required to claim Tax Credits
  • You leave work and receive pay instead of notice because you wouldn’t be considered as being in work for tax credit purposes during that period. If you get another job during that time, you may still be eligible based on your new employment.

If you already receive Working Tax Credits, you may carry on receiving payments for a short while. You need to contact the Tax Credit Office immediately if your work circumstances change – this is to ensure you receive the correct amount of benefits, and not too much or too little.

To notify the Tax Credits Office of a change in circumstance, call 0843 850 0861.

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