How much you can claim – Working Tax Credits

The amount of working tax credits you can claim varies depending on:

  • How many children or young people live with you
  • If you work, and how many hours you work
  • If you pay childcare
  • If you or any child or young person living with you has a disability
  • If you are 50 or over and are coming off benefits

The amount of Working Tax Credits you can claim also depend on your income – the lower your income, the more tax credits you can claim.

It is recommend that you call the Working Tax Credits office to find out how much you are entitled to: 0843 850 0861.

This is a call routing service which provides you with easy access to the organisation you require – automatically trying multiple numbers to ensure that you are always connected first time and don’t encounter engaged or unavailable numbers. Dependant on your network, you may find a cheaper alternative number is available from the organisation directly.