Working Tax Credits - How to Claim

You need to be in paid work at the time you make your claim for Working Tax Credits, or starting work within seven days of making a claim (you will only get working tax credits if you actually start this paid work).

To claim Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits you need to complete a claim form. You will need to call the Tax Credit Office to order a claim form - 0843 850 0861.

Before calling, you should have:

  • Your P60 certificate from your employer
  • Your PAYE (Pay As Your Earn) coding notice, or a letter from the Tax Credits Office
  • Your payslip from your work
  • Any letter from the DWP (Department for Work and Pension), or the Job Centre Plus, or in Northern Ireland the Social Security Office.

For help and guidance completing the Tax Credit claim form, you can call the Tax Credit Office.

To make a claim for Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits, please call: 0843 850 0861.

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