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Tax Credits - Record your Call

To record your call with HMRC Tax Credits office simply Call and press 1 at any time to get your call reference number. Once you have finished the call, simply enter your email address and call reference number in the box on the side bar to be sent your call recording.
Call recordings will be held for up to 24 hours - please retreive your recorded HMRC Tax Credit office call within 24 hours.

Child Tax Credits - If the Child lives with more than one person

Only one household can make a claim for Child Tax Credits. If a child that you look lives with someone else, you will have to decide who can receive the Child Tax credits.

You will not be able to claim child tax credits if the child doesn't live with you, even if you pay maintenance.

If you can't agree who will make the claim for Child Tax Credits, then the Tax Credits Office will decide for you. The Tax Credit office will contact both of you, and they will decide who has the main responsibility for the child.
The Tax Credit office will take into account the number of days the child lives with you, and where the child keeps most of their clothes and toys.

If you are already getting Child Tax Credit, and someone else makes a claim for the same child that you receive the Child Tax Credits for, the Tax Credit Office will contact you and ask you why you think you have the main responsibility for the child.
If you can't agree who will receive Child Tax Credits, the Tax Credit office will decide for you. Whilst the Tax Credit office decides, you will still get Child Tax Credits.

To make a claim for Child Tax Credit call: .

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