To Record your call with the Tax Credits office:

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Press 1 at any time to get your reference number for the call

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Retrieve your recorded call

Tax Credits - Record your Call

To record your call with HMRC Tax Credits office simply Call and press 1 at any time to get your call reference number. Once you have finished the call, simply enter your email address and call reference number in the box on the side bar to be sent your call recording.
Call recordings will be held for up to 24 hours - please retreive your recorded HMRC Tax Credit office call within 24 hours.

Child Tax Credits - If your not the Parent

You can still claim Child Tax Credit if you are not the child's parent, but you have responsibility for the child. For example, this could be:

Adoptive and Foster Parents

If the local authority has placed a child or children in your care for either adoption or fostering, you can claim Child Tax Credits for them. You may not receive Child Tax Credits in this instance if you are receiving money from your local authority or Health and Social Services board.

If you are receiving money from your local authority or Health and Social Services board you should call the Tax Credit Office to see if you are able to claim: .

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