Renewing Tax Credits

You should renew your tax credits as soon as you get your renewal pack. Renewing your tax credits ensures you have received the right amount of money for the last tax year, and to ensure that you get the correct amount of money for the next tax year (Tax year starts on 6 April).
Your payments will stop If you don’t renew.

Phone the tax credit office now to renew your claim for tax credits: 0843 850 0861.

Your payments will continue into the new tax year until you renew your claim for Tax credits – or until the 31 July, whichever comes first (Tax year starts on 6 April).
The payments made from 6 April to 31 July are temporary (provisional payments), until the tax office has all the information needed to calculate and renew your claim.

If you delay renewing your tax credit claim, your provisional payments could be based on out of date information. This may result in your tax credits payments being too high, and you then may have to pay back money to the tax credit office.

If you don’t renew your claim for tax credits, your payments will stop and you will usually have to repay all the money you have had since the start of the tax year (6 April).

If you miss the deadline for renewing (31 July), your tax credit payments will stop – You then have a further 30 days to provide the tax credit office with the information they asked for. If you don’t provide this information within 30 days, you may have to make a new claim for tax credits.
The tax credit office will then ask you to pay back any overpayments made to you in the last tax year, plus any payments made to you since the new tax year (since 6 April).

Phone the tax credit office now to renew your claim for tax credits: 0843 850 0861.

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